Hope (Bike Accident Victim)

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A tragic day for an 8yr old & her family

It all started with an unexpected phone call. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this phone call that not only changed my life, but also my daughter's life.

The Night Before ~
After a day of hanging out with best friend of 17yrs, Jenn, and her 4 children, along with my 8yr old daughter, Hope. It was decided that Hope would spend the night with her friends. As I was leaving I gave her kisses, said goodnight, told her that I loved her and I would see her in the morning. Never thinking I would see her the way that I did the next day. 

My phone rang a little after 11am, it was Jenn. I answered and heard her crying, I could also hear the scream and cry from a child, my daughter. Jenn is asking her if she could get up and walk, Hope is crying and screaming no that she couldn't move. Nerve racked, confused, slowly starting to panic, I asked what was going on, what happened! Panicked and in tears Jenn tells me Hope fell off her daughter's bike and smacked her head on a cement barrier, and she can't get up. Jenn wanted to call an ambulance, I told her to please get my daughter in the car and come get me ( I live about 3 minutes driving time from Jenn's ). She was insistent on calling an ambulance, I, however, was not. I wanted to be with my daughter and knew that we would get to the hospital faster. Jenn then agreed and we hung up. She was afraid to move her, thinking of how to without hurting her more a woman drove by and stopped to see if she could help. As the Gods would have it, the generous passer by was a nurse, she offered her assistance to get Hope into the car.

Jenn got to me within a matter of minutes. By this time Hope had thrown up twice and was in and out of consciousness. I had to try my hardest to stay calm and not breakdown as I watch my daughter lay lifeless in the back of the car. I knew I had to keep her awake and responding, so I kept saying her name and asking her questions, such as, what her middle name was, she has two and could only remember one, she couldn't remember her last name or the school she went to, but did remember her teacher's name. I was freaking out inside, I wanted to scream and cry. After keeping her alert for about 5 minutes, she started to throw up again. She couldn't keep her eyes open, but I still kept asking her questions all the way to the hospital. All she wanted to do was sleep. Jenn, still in tears, asked me how I could be so calm through this. How could I? Because I knew I HAD to be.

There were so many things going through my head, I kept thinking that she wouldn't answer my next question or she wouldn't open her eyes when I said her name. I had no idea how bad she was hurt because she couldn't stay awake long enough to tell me what hurt. My heart was aching and I kept asking myself the same thing any other parent would "Why did this have to happen to her". 

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